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My father, the late Elder Carson Wright, a man committed
to teaching the gospel, instilled in me the same. 
My mother, the late Overseer Dorothy Wright, with her
calm spirit and keen spiritual insight, taught me to
“work while it is day.” I enter this new season of my life
with new assignment, but on a path started by many who
have already finished their course: warriors who prayed,
labored, and obeyed God, setting standards of holiness
and faithfulness. And God has promised me,
“As I was with Moses, so shall I be with thee.”
I take this call to pastor God’s people very seriously.  I count it a privilege and honor, and am humbled, to pick up the mantle, continue the legacy, and run with the vision God has given me in this new season, as my forefathers ran with the vision God gave them.  Those who have gone on before have laid a firm foundation, and I have been charged with building thereon. 
God has called me to teach people His Word and how to apply it to everyday life in order to mature and become productive, both spiritually and naturally.  The Scriptures tell us that we “shall know the truth and the truth shall make us free.”  As we grow in our knowledge and understanding of God’s Word, we become equipped to help others become free. 
God has called me to challenge people to fulfill the dreams and visions God has given them.  We must not be second best to our potential, having our gifts and talents buried, and leaving this world with our God-given dreams unrealized.  Maybe He has called you to start your own business, open a school, travel to other countries – whatever it is – it is all for His glory. I charge you to begin moving in that direction, allowing God to lead you into your destiny!  We need to broaden our perspectives, recognizing that God is present everywhere at all times.  We are the church, and ministry is not just what happens when we gather with other believers in a building.  God is calling us to raise a standard and use our gifts in our homes, workplaces, schools, communities, and throughout the world.
God has called me to be a bridge, linking one generation with the next.  Even as a child, God gave me a vision of one hand holding onto another: one hand belonging to an older person, and the other to a young person.  We must not forsake the Biblical teachings and principles of the generations before us.  Scripture teaches us to “observe all things”.  We may not use the same systems, means, or methods our Moses did, but we must observe the spiritual and godly principles she observed.  We are now able to use technology, social media, the Arts, and other more contemporary systems to influence our generations for Christ, but we can do it without compromising those principles. 
God has called me to raise and train leaders: individuals who will move from spiritual infancy to spiritual maturity, and go on to teach, train, and reproduce ministry in others.  He has also given me an apostolic anointing: to establish and launch ministries, organizations, and systems, train and assign people to them, and move on to the next assignment.  No ministry should die with its leader.  We must reproduce and impart into the next generation.
God has called me to build His church and set things in order.  He has given me the vision to expand the church, not just in numbers of people, but in influence, mindset, types of people, resources, and new programs.  Our homes, communities, and nation – in both religious and secular arenas – will be greatly impacted by the work God has for us to do. 
The work before us is great.  So as we move forward from here, and God gives direction to do things we have never done before – or to do old things in new ways – we transition into this new season willing to be uncomfortable, and at times, unpopular, but always trusting and standing on God’s Word.  We have to adjust to what God is doing in the NOW, recognizing that this NOW, may be different from next year’s NOW.  But in every season and in every generation, we must choose to obey God – even when it means standing alone.  I know that God is going to do things in this season that are far beyond what we could ever imagine.  Let’s get ready for the shift! 

Thanks be to God for the things He has done.

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