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Elder Loretta C. Jordan

Elder Loretta Jordan is a faithful and diligent servant at St. Paul Pentecostal Church located in Brooklyn, New York. Elder Jordan has been an active member of the St. Paul Pentecostal Church for over 40 years. She remains a preacher and teacher focusing on spiritual growth and development through the teaching of God’s word.


Elder Jordan, born on December 16th, 1960, a native of Brooklyn, New York, is the third oldest of six brothers and sisters. She obtained her primary and secondary education within the public schools of Brooklyn, New York. After graduation, Elder Jordan secured employment with the City of New York and has held various managerial and supervisory positions for the past 30 years and counting.


At a very young age, God touched Elder Jordan’s heart and she surrendered her life to Christ. Since then she has been faithful to the call of servanthood and ministry and has not turned back. In November 1995, Elder Jordan was appointed as a licensed Minister by the late Overseer Dorothy L. Wright. After 10 years of serving tirelessly as a licensed Minister, in November of 2005 she became an ordained Minster.  Subsequently, in November 2012, after much hard work and dedication, she became an ordained Elder.


Elder Jordan has served within the ministry in a number of capacities. From Praise & Worship leader, Youth Department leader, Assistant Choir Director, to Armor Bearer to the late Overseer Dorothy L. Wright. Elder Jordan believes in the scripture in Ecclesiastes 9:10 where it states “whatsoever your hands find to do, do it with all your might…”  and that she does. She is still serving the church in many areas such as Assistant Superintendent of Christian Education, Sunday School teacher, and Executive Council member to name a few.


Elder Jordan has devoted her life to the service of the Lord and His people. Her primary objective is to deliver the Word of God with clarity and authority. She endeavors to deliver the Word so that people may be changed and compelled to not only hear the Word but be doers of the Word. She believes whole heartedly in “living” the Word. Elder Jordan is an unrelenting, open, and honest woman of God who is well respected because of her unwavering faith in God and belief that through prayer and fasting you can accomplish anything.


Elder Jordan lives by the mantra “be ye also ready”. She is an advocate of reading and studying the word and being prepared for ministry at all times. Elder Jordan is a preacher’s preacher, a teacher’s teacher, and a leader’s leader and has devoted herself to the betterment of mankind through education and spiritual development.

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