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Pastor Pamela D. Wright

Pamela D. Wright

"The Turning Point!"

Elder Pamela D. Wright is a visionary who has been teaching, preaching, and initializing ministries for over 20 years. She is the third of three children, and the only female, born to parents who were very strong in ministry and who dedicated their lives to God’s service: the late Sergeant Elder Carson and Overseer Dorothy Wright. Growing up and being raised in the Saint Paul Pentecostal Church, she has been exposed to the various facets of ministry since her birth. As a child her mother led her to the Lord and her father nurtured the gift of teaching which he saw in her. Ever since, she has been doing various forms of ministry work. She was ordained as a Minister in 1997 and as an Elder in 2005. 

Elder Wright grew up and was educated in New York.She received her B.S. in Biology from Medgar Evers College (Brooklyn, NY), and her M.A. in Administration and Supervision from Touro College (New York, NY). She has been teaching in the New York City Public School system for 20 years.


Elder Pamela Wright has served the St. Paul Pentecostal Church in several capacities throughout the years: choir director, youth leader, Bible Study teacher, Sunday School teacher, church administrator, tutor, and Arts ministry leader, to name a few. She has a mandate on her life toteach people how to apply the Word of God to their everyday lives, to raise and train leaders, to challenge and help believers to move from spiritual infancy to maturity so that they can reproduce another group or generation of mature believers, and to establish ministries that will impact the church and the world for God’s glory. Elder Wright desires to see the church broaden its concept of ministry, taking the message and principles of God into every arena: social, academic, political, economic, vocational, and recreational. She believes and has demonstrated that we can use media, technology, and fine arts as vehicles for ministry, without compromising our spiritual values.

Elder Wright has a vision of bridging generational gaps, ensuring that godly legacies from one generation are passed on to the next. Over 20 years ago, she founded Joshua Generation, an organization established to develop and train youth to become leaders while broadening their horizons and teaching them spiritual principles. Joshua Generation evolved to become a national Christian Youth Consortium (CYC), for which Elder Wright was Executive Director for 15 years. CYC provided a platform for youth to discover and operate in their gifts and talents, work with older and younger believers, and learn practical ways to live and share their faith. Many leaders emerged from the ministry of CYC and presently serve the cause of Christ throughout the world. Elder Wright recognizes that while the systems and strategies for accomplishing ministry and purpose may be different in each generation, the principles of holiness remain unchanged.

In the sovereign wisdom of God, Elder Wright has been appointed to succeed her mother as Pastor of Saint Paul Pentecostal Church. She continues to inspire generations of leaders throughout the world to represent God, in the beauty of Holiness, as sanctified and successful believers.

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