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The Seal of

St. Paul Pentecostal Church




The Sword:           It represents the weapon of the Sprit which is the Word of God.

                                Ephesians 6:17.



The Bible:             It is the constitution by which the Kingdom of God is governed.

                                Psalm 119:11.



Praying Hands:   It represents the foundation of St. Paul Pentecostal Church which                                        started as a prayer group in 1954.

                                 Luke 18:1



The Descending   It represents the presence of the Holy Ghost among mankind.    

Dove                        Matthew 3:16.                                


The Shield:           It represents the defense of the faith.

                                Ephesians 6:16



The Color Red:     It signifies the Blood of Jesus Christ and its redemptive work.                                                Hebrews 9:14



The Color Blue:   It signifies the responsibility to remember the commandments of                                         the Lord.

                                Numbers 15:38-39


The Color Gold:  It signifies the Kingship of Christ and the wealth of His Kingdom.  

                               Matthew 2:11

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